Science Central

Unveiling the Wonders of Science Central in Fort Wayne, Indiana



Science centers are like portals to the universe of knowledge, where learning becomes an adventure. Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Science Central is a premier science center that offers a captivating, hands-on experience for visitors of all ages. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the wonders and educational opportunities that Science Central has to offer!


Awe-inspiring Exhibits:

Science Central boasts over 200 hands-on exhibits, each designed to spark curiosity and ignite the passion for science. From the intriguing world of physics to the mysteries of chemistry, visitors can engage in interactive displays that make learning fun. Step into the “Science On a Sphere” exhibit and witness breathtaking visualizations of Earth’s dynamic systems, or test your engineering skills in the “Build It!” exhibit where creativity and problem-solving take center stage.


STEM Education:

Science Central is dedicated to promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education. Through various programs and workshops, the center encourages students to explore these disciplines in engaging and innovative ways. From summer camps to school field trips, Science Central provides a platform for young minds to develop critical thinking skills and nurture a lifelong love for science.


The Dr. Cool Science Store:

No visit to Science Central would be complete without a trip to the Dr. Cool Science Store. This unique shop offers an impressive selection of educational toys, science kits, and books that allow visitors to take the magic of Science Central home with them. Whether you’re looking for a gift or seeking to ignite a passion for science in your child, the Dr. Cool Science Store has something for everyone.


Special Events and Exhibitions:

Science Central regularly hosts special events and exhibitions that add an extra layer of excitement to the visit. From captivating demonstrations by guest scientists to themed exhibitions that explore specific scientific phenomena, these events provide visitors with a chance to delve deeper into the wonders of the natural world. Keep an eye on Science Central’s event calendar to make sure you don’t miss any of these extraordinary experiences.


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